Reimagine Tourism

A tourism paradigm shift for Greece
Having meticulously assessed the economic, social, and environmental impacts of tourism in Greece through extensive research, Kathimerini’s “Reimagine Tourism in Greece” initiative is now embarking on its second phase. In this phase, the initiative, in collaboration with a prestigious international consulting firm, is putting forth a set of concrete actions to address critical infrastructure issues. The aim is to foster sustainable tourism development in the country, taking into account the unique needs and characteristics of each region. Concurrently, Kathimerini is taking the lead in initiating self-regulation measures within the private tourism sector. Through this endeavor, it is promoting the adoption of best practices from similar initiatives in other countries, with the goal of enhancing the quality of tourism services offered in Greece. Working closely with the Association of Greek Tourism Enterprises (SETE), Kathimerini is establishing a valuable repository of ideas and proposals. This “think tank” for Greek tourism aspires to serve as the nucleus for designing the industry’s future steps, while ensuring the harmonious coexistence of tourism with the country’s natural and cultural environment.
The future of Tourism in Greece
What do Greeks believe about Tourism
Learnings from other destinations
What do Greeks need now
Case study from Spain
Consensus building and policy coordination
Re - Imagining Tourism
Infrastructure and civil design challenges